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Advantages of Energy Saving Light Bulbs for Your Business

Running your own business is a serious achievement. There is so much responsibility, so much effort, so many long nights, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears. The rewards can be worth it, though, especially when you become successful. One day you’ll look back on all those hours, all that work, and you’ll pat yourself on the back. 

Yet you need to spend money to make money, as the saying goes. Running a business comes with so many costs that your eyes water. You have the cost of materials or supplies and stock. Then comes the overheads like rent (or mortgages), wages for staff, super payments. And let’s not even mention the taxman, yikes.

But, if you are savvy and employ some decent business insight and strategy, you’ll still come out in the black despite these running expenses. 

As well as all these costs mentioned above, energy costs are up there with some of the most expensive outgoings your business will ever have. Depending on your line of business, your energy bills could be in the thousands. 

You could save some serious money with the advantages of energy-saving light bulbs. Let’s explore in detail how you could be cutting costs with these nifty inventions.


How Do Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Save Energy

Compact fluorescent light bulbs, referred to as “CFLs”, save on average 75% of energy when compared to older, incandescent bulbs. That is a phenomenal amount of savings. Imagine 75% off your power bill, each month. 

The reason for this saving is that they simply use less energy to run due to the way they are manufactured and designed, meaning fewer costs for you to light your business.

Another energy-saving globe is a light-emitting diode or LED. You may wish to consider this form of globe for your business or a combination of the two. This will depend on your needs, preferences and of course, your budget. 

LEDs and CFLs come available in different colours so you can pick a tone to suit your business. For example, if you run a dentist or a medical centre, a cool white is a better choice as it is more clinical. If you run a design studio or gallery, you may prefer a warm yellow for ambience.

As well as saving money on your power bill, you’ll also see less spending on the actual bulbs. This is because LEDs and CFLs last a lot longer than older types of light globes. You might even go years without needing to change over a bulb, thereby saving you money. 

While you might find that installing energy-saving globes costs a bit of money upfront, you will see a definite return on investment once your power bill comes in. 


How Do Energy Saving Light Bulbs Save Energy

This is an excellent question with a pretty simple answer. LED and CFL light globes are designed to use less power while still outputting the same amount of lumens (unit of light) that a traditional incandescent globe does.

Through innovations in light bulb manufacturing, these awesome energy-saving globes just don’t draw as much power, thereby costing less to run and saving energy. 

Remember there may be a cost involved in installing them, but this will be offset over time with the energy savings. 


What Is The Best Light Bulb to Save Energy

While both CFLs and LEDs are brilliant at saving energy costs, there is one that comes out ahead of the pack. 

LEDs are on average the most energy-efficient lighting solution available on today’s market. CFLs are a close second and could do in a pinch, but LEDs come out in front


Other Advantages of Energy Saving Globes

As well as saving you money on your monthly power bill, energy-saving light globes help to reduce your business’ carbon footprint. By using less power, you are relying on fossil fuels less, therefore lessening your organisation’s environmental impact. 

Now, you may not be concerned by this – you’re in business for profit, not for trees. But, consumers are getting more and more savvy and discerning and sometimes even make purchasing decisions based on a business’ social and environmental policies. By placing a statement on your website detailing your energy savings and how they contribute to a favourable ecosystem, you could be netting customers. 


Wrapping Up

In this helpful articles, we’ve explained the advantages of energy-saving light bulbs for your business. First, we discussed how compact fluorescent light bulbs save energy due to their manufacturing and design. Next, we explored what is the best light bulb to save energy, with LED globes coming out in front. Then, we explained how energy-saving light bulbs save energy. 

Finally, we explained the other advantages of using these innovative globes in your business, especially how it enables you to share how you’re doing your bit for the environment.


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