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Money-Saving Electrical Tips

Are you currently questioning your electricity bill, “why am I paying so much?” Well, the truth is, as soon as that question comes to mind you are probably paying too much! Changing providers is one side of the story, but are you doing everything you can when it comes to saving on your next bill? Probably not. That’s why we are going to give you some general tips on how to save as much as possible on your electricity bill in 2020 and beyond.

Compare electricity rates and select the best one.

When it comes to running a household, electricity is one of those expenses you want to be getting the best deal for! It’s like choosing the $10 premium pasta or the $1 pasta from Coles, right? They both taste the same! The wide selection of electrical companies in Australia allows for competitive prices, with suppliers such as AGL, Energy Australia, and even Aussie owned internet provider “Dodo” jumping on the bandwagon. When it comes to getting the best deal for your electricity bill and selecting the cheapest provider, be sure to visit Compare the Market [].

Get your home insulated or do it yourself. 

If you have ever lived in a home before it was insulated and after the insulation was placed, you would know that the temperature fluctuations inside four walls due to the weather is reduced marginally. Insulating your house keeps your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so when trying to save money on unnecessary and excessive electrical expenditure your cooling and heating systems need to work less! When out for information on how to get this done yourself at an affordable price, don’t look past Bunnings Warehouse’s Youtube Guides;

Does it really matter if I switch power off at the wall?

A simple yet effective way to save a percentage of your upcoming power bill is to turn off your appliances at the wall. Yes, that does mean once you’ve finished with watching T.V, making a coffee, or charging your phone – switch it off. A recent electrical savings report by the Australian ABC news portrays a similar notion and evidence that switching standard appliances at the wall could save you hundreds of dollars per annum. So, when it comes to switching off, just do it!

Optimising the settings of your appliances.

Another simple yet controversial opinion when it comes to saving electricity in 2020 is altering the settings of your gadgets, whether that be your television brightness, fridge temperature, and other electrical utilities.  Want to know how to save another round of hundreds of dollars? Simple, when using a dishwasher, dryer, air conditioning or anything alike – select any “eco-friendly” options that are available. This will allow you to get the most cost-effective outputs without noticing a huge difference in your “output” – your dishes will still be clean!

Washing your clothes with cold water.

Fun fact – did you know that around 75% of the energy required to do the laundry goes into heating the water? Fortunately, a recent consumer report outlines that people “should not bother” to wash their clothes in hot water due to the fact that over the past 10 years detergents have gotten better at removing dirt and grimes at a lower temperature. Another obvious reason besides electrical savings is that washing your clothes not only helps your clothes last longer, but they also won’t shrink either.

Monitoring your energy.

Finally, the best way to prove the effectiveness of this blog is to actually track your energy spend before and after. This blog is not about to go and help you manage your finances however we will advise you to start looking at your electricity bill for starters! Once you have a clear understanding of where the energy is being spent, feel free to take the next step and get a smart meter. With all that being said, you should be able to save a couple of hundred dollars per year on electricity expenses, however, if things still don’t seem right make sure you call us on 03 8719 8776

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