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House Rewiring

The phrase ‘make a house a home’ not only applies to the stylish materials or keepsakes you carefully position in your lounge areas but also to the safety of the property you are about to spend a considerable amount of time within. If you’re renovating a home, or the home you have just purchased is more than a few decades old, there has never been a better time to obtain a competitive quote for our electrical house rewiring services. Some signs that your house may need rewiring may include: the lights constantly dimming particularly in the nighttime, circuit breakers going off way too often and too quickly, the switch trips quite easily, you may be experiencing mild electronic shocks, the outlets and the cords may as get quite warm while using them, as well as frequent power outages and regular fuse blowouts. If you are experiencing any of these particular telling signs, it may mean that the house or a specific room needs to be rewired. Just like any electrical appliance, outdated electrical wiring will naturally degrade and if your home has not recently been built, it may have original cabling which can cause havoc with your electricity. Seek advice from any of our domestic team members today, and we will give you a rough estimate of your house rewiring. -

Does my house need rewiring?

If your property is over 40 years old or you have recently experienced regular circuit breakages and flickering lighting, now is the time to enquire about our house rewiring services. By spotting the signs your house needs rewiring earlier, you could be saving both your home and family — (As dramatic as that sounds, it’s the truth!).

If you are unsure about whether your home needs rewiring, and are experiencing any of the following, enquire about our house rewiring services today for a fixed priced quote:

  • Frequent tripping of safety switches.
  • Overheating outlets and appliances
  • Burn marks or discolouration around sockets.
  • Light bulbs that don’t last very long.
  • Power fluctuations with appliances.
  • Growing demand for extension cables.
  • You live in an older property.

Want to know more about Melbourne house rewiring?

Take a look at our comprehensive guide on the top 12 signs your house needs rewiring for more information about the tell-tale signs of faulty home electrical cabling. 


Our House Rewiring Services

Our master electricians at All Electrics have performed countless house rewires and conduct all our work with the highest grade of certification. Primarily located in the South Eastern Melbourne Suburbs, we strive to supply all our customers with the most recent product knowledge and hassle-free service. To obtain a fixed-priced quote for our house rewiring services, please fill out the form or give us a call directly. Safety is not a luxury, and we hope to hear from you soon.

We are an experienced team of electricians that will ensure we get the job done to your particular standards and requirements. Feel free to chat to one of our extremely knowledgeable electricians for house rewiring advice today.

How Much Does House Rewiring Cost

Once we have inspected the property and you have gone through the report, we will provide you with a quote regarding the house rewiring. There is no “one size fits all” for the cost of rewiring, as it depends on the size of the property and the amount of work done prior to us. We will always come to an arrangement that suits both parties and ensure that the rewiring is done in a logical and thought-through process to give you the best results possible.

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Local House Rewiring Melbourne.

All Electrics Melbourne are the highest skilled and licensed electricians, we are insured electricians providing prompt, professional electrical services in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. With more than two decades of experience in all things electrical, we can solve your house rewiring problems and offer guaranteed customer satisfaction no matter the size of the job. There is no such thing as a job being too big or too small, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring the job is done correctly and efficiently.

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house rewiring melbourne

House Rewiring FAQs

Are you legally required to have your house rewired?

You are not legally required to have your house rewired, but it is imperative that you do a check with a licensed electrician if your house was built in the 1980s or older. Any house older than 30 should also be checked before purchase of a new house to ensure it is in good condition and meets all necessary requirements. If you are unsure if your house requires rewiring, it is best to consult with an experienced electrician who can inspect the wiring and provide expert advice.

How long will it take to rewire the house?

The length of time it takes to rewire a house largely depends on the size and structure of the house, as well as the complexity of the wiring. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to rewire your property.

Is frequent tripping of safety switches an indication of house rewiring?

Frequent tripping of safety switches often means that there is an issue with your electrical system. It indicates that excess electricity is flowing through it. This can be an indication that the house needs to be rewired, because it could mean that your house isn’t properly grounded. However, this would require an assessment by an experienced electrician to inspect the wiring. An electrician can identify if the wiring needs to be replaced or if the circuit breaker is able to be repaired.

Are burn marks or discolouration around sockets an indication that the house needs to be rewired?

Burn marks or discoloration around sockets can be an indication that the house needs to be rewired. This is because it indicates that there is some internal damage in the wiring and be a personal danger to the inhabitants. You must seek an experienced electrician to inspect the wiring to determine the issue and resolve it.

What is involved in house rewiring?

House rewiring often involves replacing the electrical wiring at home. It can also include replacing electrical sockets and power points. House rewiring typically starts with an assessment of the current electrical system to determine what needs to be updated or replaced. After that, our master electricians at All Electricians will run new wires around your home, and install new outlets, switches, and light fixtures as necessary. We will also permanently ground your electrical system to ensure it is properly protected. This process is very complex and requires a licensed electrician to ensure that all safety precautions are met.