Ceiling Fan Installation

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are one of the best additions to any home or business. Working with budgets to suit everyone, your new ceiling fan installation will circulate cool or warm air to maintain the correct room temperature in both summer and winter. Say goodbye to wrapping up warm in your own home and hello to greater comfort all year round. What’s more, a ceiling fan installation from a qualified electrician can save a huge 20% on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. It can also be used as a feature piece for your room. There are a few options below to help you decide how to save money on your power bill.

Ceiling Fan Replacement (Like for Like)

If you are looking to replace your ceiling fan like for like, this work falls under our minimum price labour charge plus the cost of the fan. Enquire today to obtain a fixed priced quote from our master electricians.

Ceiling Light Replace (With Fan & Light)

Ceiling fans are often finished with a built-in light installation. Replacing a standard light with a ceiling fan and light is a great option for your living space especially if you use a remote. Adding a remote to a fan means there is no extra wires to get to the switch (if replacing an existing light) saving you both time and money.

Ceiling Fan Remote Installation

All Electrics can install a remote system to any ceiling fan at a very reasonable cost (typically less than $100 depending on features). This not only saves on installation time, by running fewer cables, it also adds very useful features such as a switch-off timer. A great example of the timer in action is when you go to bed and it’s warm but gets cooler overnight. With a click of a button, you can set the timer to turn the fan off in four hours time so you don’t wake up cold and save electricity costs in the process.

New Ceiling Fan Installation Melbourne

If there are no existing cables in your home a new ceiling fan installation is the most timely installation available. We recommend booking a quote with our master electricians so we accurately advise on costs involved. To do this, please fill out our quote form or give us a call to speak with our friendly team. We can also assist you with bathroom fan installation during this process if you want to complete multiple upgrades at once.

Why do you need a ceiling fan?

Bathrooms are notorious for being wet, damp places. Therefore, it can usually be more prone to developing mould or decay due to lack of ventilation. This can cause a range of unhealthy bacteria to be living in your bathroom, and as such making it an unsafe place to be.  This can also damage paint and tiling in the bathroom, therefore making a ceiling fan an essential piece of ventilation in the bathroom.

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Local Domestic Ceiling Fan Electricians

All of our electricians are highly trained and knowledgeable in the replacement and repair of domestic ceiling fans. Call us today to get a quote on getting a new ceiling fan for your bathroom. You can also contact us for any other electrical issues, such as:

Electric ceiling fan and split-system air conditioner at the room

Ceiling Fan FAQs

How to fix a noisy ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan that makes noise can be bothersome, particularly when you’re attempting to unwind or sleep. All Electrics can assist you by determining the cause of the noise, which might be due to loose screws or bolts, or a faulty motor. They can then repair or replace the malfunctioning parts to ensure that your fan operates quietly and efficiently.

Do ceiling fans use much power?

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How to balance a ceiling fan?

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How to install a ceiling fan?

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How to clean a ceiling fan?

Tidying a ceiling fan needs a few basic steps. First, pause the fan and wait for the blades to come to a complete stop before starting work. Then, use a ladder or step stool to face the blades and use a light cloth or duster to gently clean the blades. For more stubborn dirt patches, you might prefer to use a gentle soap and water solution. All Electrics can provide assistance by replacing extremely eroded fans and reinstall a new one.