Commercial Outdoor Lighting Installation Melbourne

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Commercial Outdoor Lighting Installation Melbourne

It takes a lot of work to grow a business, and we think anyone that’s done it successfully ought to be congratulated. Getting through those initial days of begging for clients and customers, to build something truly wonderful is a testament to the hard work and commitment displayed by business owners around the world. However while function is an integral part to business, form plays just as much a part. Your logo design, your website, business cards, store front, uniform - it all comes together to create a cohesive trustworthy image. So if you’re fortunate enough to have customers coming to your door, why would you greet them with utter darkness? Commercial outdoor lighting isn’t only beautiful when done right, but it serves a very beneficial function - it stops your customers tripping over themselves in the dark! Would you go back to a business whose shop was littered with debris and yet gave you no light to navigate by during the night time hours? At All Electrics, we provide outdoor garden lighting and other commercial lighting services with top quality electricians in Melbourne. Contact us today on 03 8719 8776!

What is Commercial Outdoor Lighting?

It is exactly what it sounds like. Lighting refers to fixtures and structures that provide light outdoors in dark environments. Sometimes these can be entirely aesthetic, or they can serve a given function as well, such as street lights.

Outdoor lighting installation is an investment with many benefits. Not only does it offer enhanced safety for your foot traffic, but it also creates a more secure environment, minimising shadows and darkness that unscrupulous types may use to conceal their identity when committing crimes. On top of all of this, they offer wonderful aesthetic features to your building and property, as they can be coloured or arranged so the light spills decoratively over your storefront.


As the name suggests, floodlights are perfect for flooding areas with light. They have extremely powerful bulbs with a concave mirror behind them, focusing the beam and increasing its throw distance exponentially. In theatre, a row of flood lights called a “Cyc” (s-eye-k) is used to create a sheet of light at the back of the stage, however in most commercial applications, they are used to enhance the visual effect of the focal points of item displays, throw decorative coloured light on walls, and illuminate pathways.

Landscape Lights

These outdoor lights are used in the art of landscaping. They are designed to create an aesthetic effect, and are often coloured or designed to match a theme. The fixtures that fall under the label of “landscape lights” include spotlights, lanterns, sconces, and globes. These lights serve predominantly aesthetic purposes, designed to concentrate light on feature elements of a garden or landscape at night. However, they can be used to illuminate pathways as well, and are often installed on either side of a path, entrance/exit, stairs, and more.

Motion Sensor Lights

These are some of the most well-known outdoor lighting systems available, and are a common fixture in homes, driveways, garages, alleys, public walkways, and more. The reason is that in these environments people are often either fumbling in the dark, or using the concentrated darkness to commit some kind of crime.

Motion sensor lights produce an infrared beam. When something breaks the beam, the light activates for a set period of time. This offers illumination to those just going about their business, and it deters criminals because it reveals their faces to security cameras, and makes them feel “watched.”


Spotlights are designed to illuminate a focused beam of light on a single area in order to emphasise it for safety, ease of navigation, or aesthetics. Due to their concentrated lighting, you will recognise these in stage productions to draw attention to one particular character or set piece. No matter the requirement, our commercial outdoor lighting installation services can help protect your business.

Why All Electrics?

Electricians in Melbourne get a bit of a bad wrap, and we know why! Often late, frequently neglecting cleanup, obscure and outrageous pricing. There’s a bitterness towards people in trades and it’s understandable – but All Electrics was founded on the desire to be something different.

All Electrics are made of tradies who love our work, and take pride in our company. We offer a full range of commercial and residential services, all of which get done on-time and as promised. Our outdoor lighting installation services are checked thoroughly to ensure we leave with no mess and no stress. Our incredibly thorough work ethic has established us as one of the premium electrical experts in Melbourne, and our decades of experience mean we can handle anything you might throw at us.

Our fully licensed and accredited electricians are all top-notch, offering only the highest quality service, with no rush-jobs or abandoned mess. We are experts in the installation and maintenance of commercial outdoor lighting, emergency light installation, and other electrical services, and we love what we do. But don’t take our word for it, let our work speak for itself. Contact us here, or call us on (03) 8719 8776 and put us to the test.

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Local Melbourne Commercial Lighting Installation

All Electrics Melbourne are licensed, insured electricians providing prompt, professional electrical services in Ferntree Gully and Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. With over two decades of experience in all aspects of the electrical trade, we can solve your electrical problems and offer a guaranteed customer satisfaction no matter the size of the job.

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Outdoor Lighting FAQs

Do I need an electrician to replace an outside light?

When it comes to electrical projects, always seek a qualified electrician. Handling dodgy wiring can severely endanger you by causing house fires or electrical shocks, and is also illegal to do yourself. We always recommend hiring a licensed electrician for proper safety and installation practices, unless the work is generally safe or low voltage.

Can I install outside lights myself?

For commercial outside lights, you should always ask a licensed electrician to perform the electrical work. This way, you can legally and safely install your lights without the risk of electrocution. Even for low-voltage installations, or any work that is legal to do by yourself, it’s best to hire a professional electrician to ensure the installation is performed safely and correctly, particularly if you feel uncertain about electrical work.

Do floodlights use a lot of electricity?

The electricity consumption of floodlights can vary depending on the wattage and usage. Generally, floodlights with higher wattages consume more electricity. However, advancements in technology have made energy-efficient floodlights available, which are considered more energy efficient. Consult with our master electricians at All Electrics today to determine what outdoor lighting option is best for your property.

Are motion sensor lights worth it?

Motion sensor lights can be worth it for several reasons. They offer convenience by automatically turning on when motion is detected, providing enhanced security and visibility on your property. Motion sensor lights can deter potential intruders and illuminate pathways, reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, they can help save energy and are considered eco-friendly by only activating when needed, rather than being continuously lit. Talk to our master electricians today to learn more about which outdoor lighting options are best for you.