Spa Installation and Swimming Pool Electrics

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Spa Installation and Swimming Pool Electrics

Swimming pools are a luxury to have at home, especially on those sweltering hot Melbourne days. Even if you don’t have space for a pool, a spa or hot tub can provide welcome relief and a nice way to cool off and relax year-round. As everyone knows, water and electricity don’t mix. Pools, spas and their surrounding areas require specialist attention by qualified pool electricians for their maintenance and upkeep. So, whether you want a new spa installed or are just wanting to upgrade or maintain your deck area, All Electrics’ team of highly-trained electricians in Melbourne can get the job done! Read on to find out more about our swimming pool electrical services.

Hot Tub and Spa Installation Melbourne

By their very nature, hot tub and spa installation requires an electrician because in order to run, they need electricity. When it comes to spa wiring, a specific standard of rating is required to avoid the shorting out or risk of electrocution that can occur with regular wiring. Therefore, hot tub and spa installations require an electrician to provide expertise on wiring and circuits required to power the spa. Not only do we organise the supply of new cables from the house to the spa, but we can also help with earth bonding. All Electrics is the best in Melbourne for spa installation, and can also sign off on safety.

Swimming Pool Deck Lights – Replacement and Installation

Pool deck lights improve the safety of your pool, allowing you to swim into the evening and create ambiance. However, upgrading and installing outdoor deck lights isn’t as simple as replacing a regular light bulb.
Due to the close proximity of swimming pool lights to water, here at All Electrics we recommend hiring a professional for pool deck lights and outdoor light installation in general. We ensure that lights are securely installed and well-sealed, which will minimise risks of moisture build up and premature burn-out of bulbs.

Outdoor Pool Area Powerpoint Installation

Turn your outdoor living space into an entertainer’s paradise! No matter what amenities you want in your pool deck, All Electrics is here to elevate your outdoor living space. Whether it’s a mini fridge, fan, electrical barbecue, TV or surround sound speaker system, outdoor power points are going to be crucial to making the most of your pool deck.

It’s vital that pool deck electrical outlets are a safe distance from your pool but close enough so that you and your family can take full advantage of your outdoor living area. Moreover, pool deck power points should be installed with removable covers, and be properly earthed so as to dissipate any excess electricity into the ground and away from your pool. Here at All Electrics, we’re also able to replace existing power points and cables to bring them up to current standards.


Why choose All Electrics for your Swimming Pool Electrical Needs?

Because of the inherent safety risks associated with water and electricity, it is essential to employ a professional electrician to ensure you are meeting safety regulations around electrical grounding, distance between electricity and water, and obtaining safe and genuine parts.

At All Electrics, we suggest only the best products for your spa and deck to ensure your safety and keep your running costs low. Our team of expert electricians are highly experienced in all aspects of swimming pool electrics, including spa installation, pool deck light replacement and installation, and power point installation for the pool area.

If you have a swimming pool electrical need that is not addressed above, our expertise extends to many other problems. Contact us today for your custom fixed-price quote.

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Local Swimming Pool Electricians in Melbourne

All of our electricians are highly trained and knowledgeable in outdoor electrical tasks including those around water. Call us today to get a quote on any of our swimming pool and spa electrical services. You can also contact us for any other electrical issues, such as:

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