Domestic Electrical Fault Finding & Replacement

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We’re proud to be an accredited master electrician with 20+ years experience.

Domestic Electrical Fault Finding & Replacement

Don’t be fooled by advertising gimmicks when it comes to domestic electrical fault-finding services. The quickest, safest and cheapest way to resume power is to have a highly experienced, with a strong technical knowledge fault-finding electrician to visit your home and assess the situation. We are the experts in electrical fault-finding and will aim to provide the best possible service to you and your property.

Electrical Fault Finding in your Home

For over 20 years, our experienced team of master electricians have thrived on the challenge of troubleshooting electrical problems and believe only in a systematic approach to getting the job done. Coupled with sound technical knowledge about switchboards and other electrical maintenance services to ensure the most effective result, we are confident you will not have to wait too long before resuming your day. Call us today to get one of our electrical fault-finding and troubleshooting electricians out to your property now. -

Our Domestic Electrical Fault Finding Services

Over 90% of the time, our master electricians will find your fault in less than an hour, and we always find the cause of the problem with a 100% success record on the solution. Whether that’s fixing or replacing the problem area, we are 100% honest about the situation and will only advise you to take action on what is required.

Whether it be replacing old wiring or a malfunctioning domestic electrical appliance, our experts in electrical fault-finding are empowered with vast knowledge as well as years of hands-on experience in electrical fault-finding.

To discuss our electrical fault-finding services, simply enquire using the contact form or give us a call to speak with one of our friendly electricians.

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How Much Does Electrical Troubleshooting Cost?

The cost of electrical fault-finding will be different from job to job. This will depend on multiple factors, such as the property’s size and age, as well as the distance needed to travel and more. There will always be a fixed call out fee for one of our electricians to come. However, depending on your circumstances, the full price may vary.

We usually aim to take less than an hour of your time and cause the least amount of disruption possible when conducting electrical fault-finding.

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Fault Finding FAQs

How do you check for electrical faults?

There are several ways to check for electrical faults. The first step is to simply inspect the wiring and any electrical appliances, such as detecting any fraying. You should also check the circuit breaker by turning it off and turning it back on one-by-one to determine which circuit breaker is the issue. As electricity can be very dangerous, we highly recommend hiring an electrician to inspect your home.

What are the common electrical faults?

The most common electrical faults include loose or damaged cords, blown fuses, tripping circuit breakers and overloaded outlets. Never fix an electrical issue alone and instead contact a qualified electrician.

What are the electrical fault finding methods?

The most common electrical fault finding methods includes a visual inspection and circuit breaker testing. Visual inspection is the simplest and quickest method of fault finding, and can help to identify any obvious issues. We also use a multimeter to test electrical issues.

Is it necessary to replace the old wiring if your circuit board is constantly tripping?

It is not always required to replace the old wiring if your circuit board is constantly tripping, because it may be another issue, such as a fault in the circuit breaker. A licensed electrician will be able to help you identify the issue and advise you on the most appropriate solution. 

How frequently should you have your electrical system serviced to check for faults?

Electrical systems should be serviced at least once a year, but the best practice is to do it every 6 months. If you are experiencing any issues with your electrical system, however, you should call an electrician immediately. We will inspect your electrical system, replacing anything that is worn, and advise you on future maintenance.

Can you provide electricians during an emergency?

Yes, we provide emergency electricians to South East Melbourne suburbs. Our team of qualified electricians are available at all times, any day, to fix your emergency electrical problem. We are experienced in dealing with a variety of electrical faults and will always be there to help you.