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Need an electrician fast?

Looking for a reliable emergency electrician to add to your home or business’ emergency contact list? The team at All Electrics is here to help! At All Electrics, we believe that all Melbourne homes and businesses have a right to high-quality emergency electrical services, which is precisely why we make it our mission to offer out of hours electrical assistance to our wider community.

Our team of certified emergency electricians pride themselves on their ability to offer exceptional 24 hour emergency electrical assistance with fixed pricing as well as a 90% within the hour response time.

Commercial & Domestic Emergency Electrical Services

Our team here at All Electrics is well-versed in the emergency electrical needs of both commercial and residential properties. With decades of experience in domestic electrical fault finding, our team of experts will be able to determine the cause of your home or business’ electrical fault promptly, thoroughly address the fault, and greatly reduce your property’s risks of procuring electrical damage in the span of your emergency callout.

Our emergency electricians strive to offer the whole solution over quick fixes, and will provide you with the support that you’ll need to minimise risks of your home or business experiencing further electrical faults. Even after your emergency electrical fault has been addressed, you can rely on All Electrics to perform your routine electrical safety inspection, designed to mitigate any and all potential electrical faults in the future.

What To Do In An Electrical Emergency

Is your home or business currently experiencing a blackout? Have you seen sparks coming from wiring, power outlets, or other electrical fixtures on your property? There are many potentially dangerous causes behind electrical faults like blackouts, including damaged wiring, blown fuses, and faulty appliances or power points leaking electricity. Even adverse weather conditions can negatively affect your home’s electrical system.

If you believe that your home or business is experiencing an electrical fault, your first path of action should be to turn your property’s power off using its main switchboard, just to minimise any risks of unexpected power surges causing any damage to fixtures or appliances, or potentially even injuring your fellow occupants.

All electrical faults without a known source should be considered to be an emergency and absolutely warrants a call to your local emergency electrician.

Emergency Electricians in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs

On the hunt for expert emergency electricians in and around Melbourne? Our team of highly-skilled emergency electricians are based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, and service an extensive region stretching from the far east through to South Melbourne. Whether you’re a household based in Dandenong or a small business experiencing an electrical fault in Oakleigh, you will be able to call upon the team at All Electrics to promptly see to all of your emergency electrical needs, both inside and outside of business hours.


Want more information about our emergency electrical services here at All Electrics? Call our team of expert emergency electricians at 03 8719 8776 to receive a no-obligation quote today!

We’re proud to be an accredited master electrician with 20+ years experience.

Local Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Electricians

All Electrics Melbourne are licensed, insured electricians providing prompt, professional electrical services in Ferntree Gully and Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. With over two decades of experience in all aspects of the electrical trade, we can solve your electrical problems and offer a guaranteed customer satisfaction no matter the size of the job.

Frequently Asked Emergency Callout Questions

What is an electrical emergency?

Any situation that can lead to a risk of fire, electrocution, or injuries because of electrical failure constitutes an electrical emergency. If you are concerned about the safety of your electrical systems or have experienced electrical failure recently, you can trust the professionals at All Electrics Melbourne to come to your aid immediately.

The most common type of electrical emergencies are –

  • Electrical fires
  • Power outages
  • Fallen power lines
  • Electrical shocks
  • Burnt power outlet
  • Circuit breaker failure
  • Circuit failure because of an appliance
  • Tripping circuit breakers
  • Buzzing sound from the circuit breaker box

Most people don’t think about electrical emergencies until it takes place in their own homes. Get an electrical safety inspection done from All Electrics Melbourne to avoid this risk from occurring in the first place. 

Do you have emergency electricians in my area?

If you live or work within South East Melbourne, you can get access to our emergency electrician services. We base ourselves in Kilsyth and will typically be at your door in 50 minutes. At All Electrics Melbourne, we firmly believe that every business and home in Melbourne should get access to efficient emergency services. This is why we have made it our mission to provide our clients with out-of-hours emergency electrical assistance.

How soon can you arrive if there is a power outage in my area?

When you book electrical emergency services from All Electrics Melbourne, our professionals will normally reach your doorstep within an hour. Our team is well-versed in emergency electrical requirements of both residential and commercial properties. 

We have years of experience in electrical fault-finding, as a result of which we are able to identify the cause of the electrical fault promptly. By addressing the electrical fault on time, we are able to lessen the risk of electrical damage to your building. If you are living in the eastern or south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, then you can call us at 03 8719 8776 to  our 24/7 emergency electrical services.

Do you have an electrician near me who is available after hours?

All Electrics Melbourne provides affordable 24/7 emergency electricians to the eastern and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. If you are living in any of the suburbs in this region, you can easily call us at any time of the day for electrical services. Our team of highly-skilled emergency electricians are based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, and service an extensive region stretching from the far east through to inner Melbourne.

Certain electrical emergencies need to be dealt with right away. At All Electrics Melbourne, our skilled technicians are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cater to any of your emergency electrical needs.

Do you provide local electricians throughout Melbourne?