Phone Wiring and Data Cable Installation

We’re proud to be an accredited master electrician with 20+ years experience.

Phone Wiring and Data Cable Installation

Phone Wiring, Modem Installation & Hardwiring Data Points

For over twenty years, our team of expert electricians at All Electrics have been performing phone line installation jobs all around Melbourne. We’re well-versed in both phone line and modem installations for both residential and commercial properties. If you’re a local business owner based in Melbourne’s south-east and are looking to connect your store or office up to Wi-Fi, our team will be able to conduct a hassle-free data point installation today.

Phone Line Installation in Melbourne

Looking to set up a phone line in your office or storefront to ensure you’re always connected with your customers? Here at All Electrics, we make it our duty to support small business owners in boosting the connectivity and accessibility of their businesses. Having a phone line set up to facilitate communication with customers is becoming indispensable in the world of modern business. Booking your phone line installation with our Melbourne-based electricians today will be your first step to consolidating your business as a fixture in your wider community. Whether you’re looking to organise a phone line installation for your commercial property, or at getting a second phone line installed to facilitate business growth, our team of handy electricians at All Electrics are always happy to help.

Modem installation for Small Business Owners

If you’re looking to equip your cafe, retail store, or office with a solid broadband connection, the team at All Electrics will be happy to assist in any modem installation jobs based in Melbourne’s south-east and surrounding suburbs.

Installing a modem on your business premises will support your business operations on a day-to-day basis, as access to the internet will pave the way for growth opportunities and streamlined customer service.

As a small business that’s powered by dedicated professionals, we here at All Electrics understand that booking a modem installation for your store or office, is really an investment in the longevity of your business. We’re here to ensure that your investment pays off swiftly and provides long-term value not just for your business, but for your customers as well.

The benefits of hardwired data point installation for your business

Having trouble maintaining broadband speeds at your business or commercial property? The answer may be booking a replacement modem installation, but if issues persist, it may even be worth opting for a hardwired data point installation.

Our electricians have a wealth of experience with data point installations, and are happy to assist local business owners who have been experiencing difficulties with their wireless connections.

Hardwired data points essentially make sure devices that require constant internet access for business operations will never lose their online connection. Having total security in your internet connection through organising a data point installation with All Electrics, will keep your business operating productively throughout the work week.

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Phone Wiring and Data Cable Services Conducted by Experienced Commercial Electricians

Modem and data point installations are among just some of the commercial services offered by our team of commercial electricians at All Electrics.


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