RCD Testing & Safety Switch Inspection Services

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RCD Testing & Safety Switch Inspection Services

You may have never heard of an “RCD” before, but you probably have heard of a “safety switch.” The cool thing is, they’re the same thing. RCD stands for “Residual Current Device” and it’s essentially a machine that can be fixed into your switchboard or powerpoint. And it’s quite a miraculous little device. An RCD is made to detect a disruption to the flow of electricity through a circuit. These disruptions can commonly cause an electric shock or even electrocution. When detected, the RCD very quickly switches off the power, preventing harm to whoever was using the current at the time. With such an integral solution to maintaining electrical safety, why on earth would you not have regular RCD testing? Fill in the form or call us now on 03 8719 8776

What are RCDs and why do they need testing?

Also known as ELCBs (Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers), safety switches are a life-saving gizmo, and they are massively important in the protection of people who frequently work with electricity. This doesn’t just include electrical professionals, but rather anyone who regularly works with electrical devices. Phones, computers, kitchenette equipment, it all runs on a circuit and can present a danger to the user should they be on the receiving end of an electrical fault.

What Is RCD Testing?

Equipment can only keep people safe if it’s maintained, and it can only be maintained if it’s tested. An RCD is no different. When an RCD is tested, it goes through a process called “tripping”. To trip an RCD means to purposefully cause an electrical disturbance in order to test the RCD’s ability to stop the supply of power to the circuit. The Australian New Zealand Standard for Electrical Installations specifies the speeds that are either acceptable or unacceptable for certain RCDs to trip at.

There is another RCD test called the “push button” test. This is also done under the Australian Standards, and is a legal requirement every six months. This test can be performed by a regular staff member or by your electrical safety services technician.

Your RCD will also need to be tested and tagged. This is a process that ensures that the machine is working correctly before attaching a tag to it to display that the test has been done and when it will be next due to be re-tested and tagged. This is a legal requirement in the AS/NZS 3760:2010 in order to make sure that the RCD is working as intended.

Why Do You Need RCD Testing?

There are two main reasons why someone needs RCD testing, and fortunately none of them are difficult to understand. At its simplest level, it’s to ensure that people don’t get hurt. Electricity is a common, but also incredibly dangerous form of energy. When an electrical circuit is broken, has a surge, or ther some such disturbance, people can be severely hurt, sometimes permanently, and in the worst case scenario, fatally. The choices are clear, either respect that electricity is a dangerous substance and must be controlled through countermeasures like an RCD, or put people’s lives at risk.

Testing your RCD ensures that it’s in good working condition, meaning that the people using the circuits it guards are protected. However, it’s also a legal requirement. As stated earlier, having your RCD tested regularly is mandated by law. This is because Australia and New Zealand recognise that electricity is inherently hazardous, and the best measure against injury or death via electrical shock is the implementation and regular upkeep of RCDs.

So that’s really it. Why do you need RCD testing? Because it keeps people safe, and because the law will come after you if you don’t do it.

Why Choose All Electrics?

All Electrics isn’t just your run of the mill electrician from Melbourne, we’re electricians with a difference. We are singularly dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of our customers. We make it a point to always arrive on time, do the best work possible, maintain open and honest communication with our customers, and clean up after the work is done. Our RCD testing electricians are fully licensed and equipped to handle a wide range of jobs, and we promise you that you’ve never seen electrical services done with the efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability we manage.

All Electrics has over twenty years worth of experience in the professional electrical trade, and in that time we’ve established a wide portfolio of clients and expertise. No matter what you throw at us we guarantee we’ll be able to handle it, and that when we do you’ll be safe and satisfied by our work.

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Frequently Asked RCD Testing Questions

How frequently should RCD testing be performed?

According to AS/NZS 3760, RCDs and electrical leads should ideally be tested every six months. After the test is done, a tag would have to be fixed on the device, showing the time of the tests and who did them.

RCDs, also known as Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCBs), is very important for the safety of your premises. It can only keep people safe when it is properly maintained. RCD testing is done to check the effectiveness of this equipment. It usually involves a push-button test. If you want to get RCD testing done in the eastern and southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, All Electrics Melbourne is your best bet.

Can I carry out RCD testing on my own?

RCD testing must be  done by someone who has the expertise and experience. Since the safety of your premises depends on this machine, you would want to ensure that its testing and maintenance are carried out professionally. Besides, if you do attempt the RCD testing yourself, you might miss out on adding the details that have to be included in the RCD test tags.

So, it is highly recommended to get your RCD Testing done by a professional. You can get in touch with All Electrics Melbourne to get the RCD testing done.

In what way are RCD switches tested?

An RCD test that is conducted by a fully licensed electrician from All Electrics Melbourne involves the following –

  • Operating Time Test: In this test, the electrician measures the effectiveness of the RCD by measuring how long it takes the RCD to trip.
  • Trip Time Test: In this simple test, equipment is used to measure the actual trip time. It is a good way to find out whether the tripping mechanism is working or not.
  • Push-button Test: This test is done to ensure that the RCD trips in case of an earth leakage. When the test button is pressed, and the RCD detects an imbalance, the on/off switch of the RCD should jump to the off position.
How long is the process of testing residual current devices?

The testing of a residual current device usually takes around five minutes or less (with every RCD).

All Electrics Melbourne has insured and licensed electricians who are capable of providing prompt RCD testing services, whenever required. Even though RCD testing does not take a lot of time, it is advisable to get it done after hours or before opening the office. In this way, you can avoid the work from being disrupted.

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