RCD Testing Services

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RCD Testing Services

What are RCDs and why do they need testing?

Also known as a safety switch, an RCD’s role is to detect faults within an electrical socket and prevent severe electrical shocks from occurring - It’s essentially a life saving device within your commercial office that’s typically located on switchboard. If you have a faulty appliance and a faulty RCD, it may not trigger within the required time which can result in extremely harmful or fatal electric shocks. So why wouldn’t you act quickly on contracting an electrician to perform RCD Testing?

Why choose All Electrics for RCD testing?

At All Electrics, there is no compromise for safety. That’s why our highly experienced master electricians only use OHS/WHS compliant equipment for RCD Testing and keep up to date with the latest industry knowledge to ensure that both we, and your office, stay on board with current safety standards.

If you are unsure whether your RCD is in working order, contact our electricians today for a fixed priced quotation. Simply fill out the form or call us directly to discuss your requirements. Remember, there is absolutely no compromise for safety.

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