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protecting electrical cords from cats

How to Protect Electrical Cords from Pets & Other Pet Safety Tips

Many of us who own pets always try our best to ensure that our furry friends are kept safe, healthy and happy at all times. One of the biggest concerns for pet owners is often how to protect our animal companions from hazards such as exposed electrical cords, wires and other potentially dangerous items in the home. 

Whether you’ve left your phone plugged in to charge in another room or have turned the washer and dryer on to do a load of laundry, there are plenty of steps that one can take to ensure that these essential daily activities don’t pose a threat to indoor pets. In today’s article, we have a look at 6 simple ways in which you can protect electrical cords from pets. Read on to find out more!

Unplug Cords When Not In Use

One of the easiest and best ways to ensure that you can protect electrical cords from pets is to unplug them when not in use. As any dog or cat owner knows, it can sometimes be impossible to stop your furry friend from accessing these items in your home, so your best bet is to ensure that their health and safety is protected by reducing the chances of potential electric shock. If you’re not charging your phone, using a kitchen appliance or watching the television, we highly recommend unplugging cords and turning the electrical supply off for ease of mind. 

Invest In Quality Equipment

One of the worst things you can do when you have pets (or children) is to skimp on the quality of the equipment you have around your home. The lower the quality of an appliance or gadget, the higher the chances of them being faulty and posing a threat to your furry friends. When it comes to purchasing power cords, extension cords or anything else electronics related, you’re better off paying a premium price to avoid sparks or overheating. Since many of these cords are generally exposed, the last thing you want is for your cat, dog or rabbit to get anywhere near faulty ones that could cause injury

Train Your Pet

This one may seem like a bit of an effort, but trust us when we say training your pet to stay away from dangerous items or electricals is something that will truly pay off in the long run. You can simply start by teaching your pet that certain areas of the home such as the home theatre or laundry room are off-limits. If you have a cat, spray a light burst of citrus (lemon juice works best) in areas which you want your cat to avoid. If you have smaller animals such as rabbits, you can train them by making loud clapping noises or thumps every time they approach the “no-go zone”. 

It is also important to note that boredom is one of the main reasons that pets get up to no good, so it is important to ensure you have toys for them to play with when you are not home. We also highly recommend plenty of chewing food or objects that will reduce the chances of your furry friend chewing on electrical cords and wires instead! 

Pay Attention To Electric Feeders and Water Bowls

Got an electric feeder or water fountain for your pets? Well, you must pay close attention to the quality of these items to protect your furry friends. We recommend investing in a quality feeder or fountain that you can trust will keep your pet safe. Cheap feeders and water bowls may pose a safety risk when plugged in, especially when it comes to the water fountain. If you’re unsure of whether your electric pet bowls are safe, we highly recommend having a chat with your local pet store attendant who will be able to give you a clearer idea on which bowls will be best for your home. 

Create A Safe Zone

The best way to keep your mind at ease is to create a “safe zone” in your home that is free from power outlets and cords. This way, you can easily place your pets in the “safe zone” whenever necessary. Of course, we always recommend allowing your pet to roam all around the home, but having a designated electrical-free area is a great option for when you’re not around to supervise. When the time comes for you to head out to the shops, you can simply leave your pets in this safe area where they will not have any access to power cords. A win-win situation that keeps both your pets and home safe from potential hazards such as electric shock, fires or damaged cables and cords! 


Keeping your pets safe from all harm is a top priority for all pet owners, and we hope that this article has given you some fresh and new ideas on how you can protect electrical cords from pets, as well as your children and other family members! If you find yourself in need of an electrician in Melbourne, contact All Electrics, and speak with one of our electrical experts today.

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