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Typical Electrical Tasks Needed For Any Office Fitout

Thinking of relocating your business, or maybe you’re a commercial landlord wanting to renovate? Well you’re not alone! Our team at All Electrics has been busy helping businesses across Melbourne move premises more than ever before, due in part to rent negotiations, a need to streamline or downsize, or simply just for a refreshing change of scenery. With all the work we’ve been doing with office fit-outs, our electricians have come to develop their own smart solutions to the novel challenges that tend to come along with these ambitious electrical projects.

That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to put together this overview of all the typical electrical tasks required during office fit-outs for traditional office spaces of varying sizes. Read on to unearth these tasks and gain some insight into the office fit-out process, courtesy of our commercial electricians here at All Electrics.

Power Point & Wiring Installation for Offices

Depending on the nature of your business as well as the number of staff members who’ll be using your office space, it’s likely that you’ll be requiring a large amount of well-placed power points for setting up desktops and other electronic office equipment. And don’t forget the kitchenette! Having an optimal arrangement and availability of power point fixtures is crucial to ensuring that you and your team can hit the ground running once your office fit-out is complete and your new work space is ready to be settled.

Our team at All Electrics is well versed in commercial power point installation and will work with you to ensure that the organisation of the power outlets in your office space caters to your organisation’s electrical needs. Our team can handle the installation of physical fittings, as well as the installation and organisation of internal wiring to make sure that your new power point fittings are in superb working condition. 

Our team of commercial electricians also offer support with soft wiring installation, which involves directly plugging power into and underneath desks and workstations to boost convenience as well as minimise cables running through high traffic areas in your office space, allowing you to minimise the chance of any OH&S incidents. 

What else do office fit-out electricians offer?

3 Phase Power Installation

If you have an office electrician on your payroll, you may already know how vital 3 phase power can be to modern office environments. This unique polyphase system facilitates an easy distribution of power to larger pieces of electrical equipment that may otherwise be a burden on your office or wider building’s power capacity.

Whilst 3 phase power installation can be particularly handy for larger, industrial spaces using heavy machinery, this system can also prove to be invaluable to office spaces as they experience business growth. These systems can also be very effective for powering large-scale heating and cooling systems with minimal fuss. 

As 3 phase power systems are also less prone to power outages, investing in the installation of a 3 phase power system during your office fit-out will undoubtedly be an investment that positively contributes to – and may even help to shape – the daily operations of your business.

Data Point & Rack Installation 

Moving power and data tends to be amongst the most critical elements of any office fit-out. As basically all modern office environments rely on their network connection to conduct business, you’ll ideally want your data points installed and ready for the day that you move into your fresh, new office space.

Our office electricians also install data racks to keep your intranet server, modems, routers, and all other networking hardware safe, secure, and well-organised. If you plan on primarily using WiFi and cloud services, our commercial electricians will be able to offer their skills here too, particularly in the form of internet and network set-up, installations and configurations, as well as in the installation of any smart home (or office!) tech. 

Our office electricians take pride in getting your work space up and running fast and with a stable internet connection. On top of the services outlined above, our office electricians are also well-versed in lighting installation for commercial spaces (including emergency exit lighting), and a host of other equally imperative electrical projects that will form the foundation of your new office space.

If you’re looking for an experienced commercial electrician to handle your office fit-out, please give us a call at 03 8719 8776 or fill out an online enquiry form to receive a quote from our team at All Electrics. We look forward to helping you transform your office space, and remember – paying a fair price doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality workmanship.

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