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how to prevent power surges

How To Prevent Power Surge Damage

Modern technology has provided us with far more stability when it comes to our utilities, from plumbing to electricity. However, whilst there are certainly more steps in place to protect you and your home from faults, issues can still arise. So, it’s important to know what to do in the event that you find yourself faced with an electrical malfunction, such as a power surge.

At All Electrics, we have been providing Australian homes and businesses with professional electrician services for over two decades. So, to help you know what you’re dealing with when it comes to electrical issues, let’s take a look at power surges, as well as how to mitigate damage to your home and devices.

What is a Power Surge?

There are a few ways that a power surge can occur. From issues occurring within the power grid itself leading to unanticipated interruptions in electrical flow to devices/appliances being plugged into outlets putting electricity back into the system rather than drawing it out, power surges aren’t always easy to prepare for.

What Can Cause Power Surges?

From trees hitting the power lines to animals getting into electrical equipment, there is a multitude of ways that power surges can occur. Within the home, it’s also easy for power surges to cause damage when circuit breakers have been used to prevent them in the past. That’s why it’s so important that you have regular or semi-regular electrical safety inspections, especially when you’ve noticed issues occurring in and around your home.

One of the more surprisingly common causes for power surges is the use of appliances that were not made for the wattage specifications of the country they are being used in. Places like the US and Japan will utilise different voltages to Australia. So, when appliances from these areas are plugged in without the correct conversions and precautions, it’s easy for power surges to arise.

It can also be due to infrequent use of heavy-energy-use products, such as elevators. The sudden rush of power to these systems that are rarely turned on can overwhelm the system and lead to significant issues. In short, trying to capture and utilise electrical currents is no easy feat, especially when you need a large amount of power at a moments notice to do it.

How Do You Prevent Power Surges?

Whilst everything that we’ve said up until this point would suggest a level of inevitability outside of safety inspections, there is actually a number of things you can do to prevent power surges. There are also several options available for protecting your appliances from damage when power surges occur.

These prevention tips include:

Unplugging Unnecessary Devices During Storms

With lightning strikes being one of the more common causes for power surges, unplugging your sensitive devices is a great way to ensure that they remain unharmed in the event that a surge takes place. For those that want to be especially careful, the best way to protect your appliances is to ensure that they are unplugged any time they aren’t in use.

Make Sure To Inspect Your Wiring

Faulty wiring can lead to a multitude of issues on its own, but when power surges are involved, they can mean lasting damage to your appliances and potentially dangerous situations. So, if you’re noticing that your wiring is starting to fray or break, it’s time to repair or replace it.

Surge Protectors

For your more expensive or beloved electronics, surge protectors are an absolute must. These systems, which come in a variety of forms, protect your devices by blocking any excess electricity from entering the device during a surge. This practice is commonplace for computers and other systems where data loss can be a significant problem.

Make Sure Your Circuit Breakers Are Working

If you’ve had a number of surges, or your circuit breakers are kicking in when no surge appears to have occurred, you should get a professional electrical inspection as soon as possible. At All Electrics, we specialise in both commercial and residential electrical services, which allows us to diagnose and remedy electrical issues as quickly and non-invasively as possible.

So, are you ready for an electrical safety inspection? Are you in need of other electrical services? Just want to learn more about what we offer? Contact All Electrics today through our form for a quote, or simply call one of our friendly experts on 03 8719 8776.

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