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Coronavirus Electrician


2020 has been a difficult year for families and businesses across the globe, and our thoughts go out to everyone whose lives/livelihoods have been impacted by the ongoing crisis. With Victoria entering a State of Disaster as of the 2nd of August, many services and businesses will be ceasing operations until further notice. However, given that electrical services are still a necessity, the team at All Electrics will still be operating for the foreseeable future.

With that said, given the nature of COVID-19, precautionary measures need to be taken. So, we would like to assure you that our team members will be stringently following all possible safety procedures when working in or near your home/workplace. This includes wearing masks, disinfecting hands and touched surfaces, and maintaining strict social distancing guidelines throughout the duration of our work.

Our top priorities as a company are the safety of both our customers and our employees, so we would appreciate your cooperation in maintaining social distancing standards.

Thank you for your continued support, and stay safe during this trying time.

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